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Pollock Financial Services Ltd. uses a unique planning approach called Life-Path Financial Planning.

We create strategies that best help you achieve your specific goals along life’s pathway according to contingent changes, current and future needs, age, and objectives.

It is all about beginning with your personal goals in mind, which may include buying a home, saving for your children’s education and planning for retirement. We will create a financial plan that can meet those goals.

With Pollock Financial Services Ltd. you can choose the level of comprehensive financial planning advice, and tailor it to suitable to your life-path.

When developing a plan for you, we use a process to ascertain where you are now, what you need in the future, and what you must do to achieve your goals. The process involves:

  • Gathering the data;
  • Identifying your long term goals and your investor risk tolerance;
  • Identifying financial issues such as debt resolution, and short term tactical plans;
  • Preparing your financial plan;
  • Implementing your financial plan;
  • Reviewing your plan



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