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Preparing for a Medical Exam

Steps to prepare for a Life or Health Insurance Medical

Now that you’ve applied for insurance, the next step is to have a medical examination to provide a snapshot of your current health. We assume that you have done everything possible to ensure that this snapshot is as good as it can be since we use this information to determine if you qualify for the insurance. Abnormal findings can create problems in obtaining coverage, and possibly with future applications as well. It is in your best interests to make sure this “snapshot” of your health is as accurate as possible.

Just as you would spruce yourself up for a family photo, these tips can help you make sure the picture you present is the best one possible. Your cooperation will make the examination process more effective for you.

The basics

  • Get a good rest the night before the exam.
  • Plan your medical for early morning
  • Wear short sleeves or sleeves that can be easily rolled up.
  • Don’t do any heavy exercise for 24 hours before the exam.

Food, beverages and smoking

  • Avoid food and beverages (except water) for two hours prior to your appointment. If possible, fast for 12 hours if a blood test is being done (unless a medical condition prevents this).
  • Avoid drinking milk prior to exam
  • Drink water prior to the exam to help you provide a urine specimen.
  • Avoid caffeine for several hours.
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages for at least eight hours.
  • Do not smoke for at least one hour before the exam.


  • If you are taking any prescription medications, continue to take them as prescribed. Bring all prescription medications to the exam for reference.
  • Avoid taking non-prescription medications such as cold remedies, pain relievers and herbal remedies for at least 24 hours prior to the exam. If you have taken one, tell the examiner what you took and why.
  • If you are ill or under severe stress at the time of the exam, consider rescheduling for a future date when you’ve fully recovered. If you don’t reschedule, please advise the examiner of your circumstances, to avoid abnormal results (for example, elevated blood pressure readings).

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